Quickly Create and Delete Multiple User Accounts in WordPress Admin

This code snippet allows you to create and delete a random number of user accounts in the WordPress Admin. While it may seem like a fun and interesting feature, its practicality or usefulness might be debatable. Nevertheless, let’s dive into what this code does and how it accomplishes it.

What it does…

This code snippet provides a class called CreateAndDeleteSomeUserAccounts that creates and deletes multiple user accounts in the WordPress Admin. When the class is instantiated, it requires the necessary WordPress files and calls the createAndDeleteNNewUsers method, which generates a random number between 15 and 45. It then iterates over this number, creating and deleting user accounts using the createAndDeleteNewUser method.

Why it does it…

The purpose of this code is to ensure that the next new Admin account created in WordPress doesn’t have a low ID like 1, 2, 3, and so on. By creating and deleting multiple user accounts, it increases the chance of the next Admin account having a higher ID, which can have security benefits by making it less predictable.

How it does it…

  • The code checks if the class CreateAndDeleteSomeUserAccounts doesn’t already exist to avoid conflicts.
  • Inside the class, the createAndDeleteNNewUsers method generates a random number of user accounts to create and delete.
  • For each iteration, the createAndDeleteNewUser method is called, which creates a new user account by generating a unique username and password.
  • The createNewUser method uses the wp_insert_user function to create a new user in WordPress, returning the user ID.
  • The deleteNewUser method uses the wp_delete_user function to delete a user account based on the provided user ID.

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