What is the Code Snippets plugin? And what is this site all about?

First, let’s quickly answer:

What is this site all about?

The goal of this site is to provide useful customizations you can use on your WordPress site. The Code Snippets Pro ❤️ plugin is not required for you to utilize any of the code on this site, but using the plugin will make using these code snippets even easier.

We are NOT directly affiliated with or endorsed by the Code Snippets plugin or CodeSnippets.pro in any way. We’re just big fans!

What is the Code Snippets plugin?

Have you ever wished there was a way to easily add a few lines of code or CSS to your WordPress site? Well, Code Snippets Pro ❤️ makes that sooooo easy! This powerful plugin makes adding and managing custom WordPress code a breeze.

Let’s say you need to add a couple lines of PHP code to your theme’s functions.php file. Or maybe you just want to add a few custom CSS classes that you can add to elements in the editor. Or how about when you want to create a custom Shortcode that you can use anywhere. Or maybe you want to add a few lines of JavaScript to the page.

Code Snippets Pro ❤️ is the perfect choice for any of those. It allows you to store your code snippets safely and securely within the WordPress admin. And, with its interface, you can quickly activate, deactivate, and edit your snippets. Toggle them on or off as needed. Run some snippets just once. Use others as repeatable content blocks that you can insert in multiple places with a custom Shortcode.

If you haven’t tried it, we (obviously) highly recommend it. It truly is the ultimate plugin for managing WordPress code snippets.

And to be clear… We are definitely trying to sell you on and get you to use the plugin, because it’s really good. But we are not connected to Code Snippets plugin in ANY way. We just love it. (I know at this point we’ve said we’re not affiliated so many times that it probably seems like we’re lying 🤦‍♀️ )

So… What is this site all about?

Plain and simple: to provide useful code snippets for WordPress.

This site started out as just a place where we started posting our favorite code snippets, so we could easily find them the next time we needed them.

Then we found the Code Snippets plugin and fell in love with it! We started using it on all our projects. Eventually, we revamped the site to be specifically snippet-focused on this new domain, SnipSnip.pro.

After the site started to gain a little traction, we added a few affiliate links, donate buttons, ads, and merch to try and make a few bucks to cover our costs.

That about explains it all.