Randomize Post Publish Date on Classic Editor

Randomize Post Publish To Past Date On Classic Editor Image

When you’re setting up a new site and you load in a bunch of content all at once, it looks so dumb to have every post show up on the same exact date. Wellllll…. Did you know, you can set your Post’s Published date to a random date within the last 1,3,6,12 months?? Or maybe into the future? Yea, you just have to click around on all those date fields and enter in custom past date values. Oh, what?! You mean you don’t wanna waste time doing that on EVERY SINGLE POST. Just use this Randomize button and make your life easier.

What it does…

Gives you the option to easily set the post Published date to a random date in the past 12 months.

Why it does it…

Eughh… who wants to click around on all those date fields when all you really want is a random date so that all your posts are showing up on the same date? Randomize it.

How it does it…

This adds javascript to the admin footer of the Classic Editor only. A new Randomize link is available next to the Post Date options.

Use the JSON file for easily importing into your CodeSnippetsPro plugin. Use the PHP file or just copy/paste the code sample into your functions.php if you’re not using CodeSnippetsPro.

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