Snippet Safe Mode

If you’re using Code Snippets Pro ❤️ and you have a snippet that’s causing your site to freak out, you can use Snippet Safe Mode to temporarily disable your snippets.

The quick and easy way is to add:  ?snippets-safe-mode=true to the end of your URL. If there’s already a question mark (?) within your URL, you’ll want to add &snippets-safe-mode=true to the end of the URL instead.

Then you can get back to your snippets page (something like: and toggle off, then fix the snippet causing you trouble.

If that isn’t working, and you’re locked out of your site, but you still can access your site files with FTP, then you can open up your wp-config.php file and add this line define('CODE_SNIPPETS_SAFE_MODE',true);.

You can read more about this from the full documentation on the plugin’s official help site.